Welcome to my site!

My name is Ivan Neganov. I am a professional IT consultant specializing in development and integration of custom solutions using Microsoft technologies and .NET platform. Check out my technology blog here.

I am interested in implementation of complex software systems, particularly in the aspect of rationalizing the cost and effort of development processes, which I believe is achievable through smart integration of already available technologies and custom components. Due to realities of my consultancy business I have developed capabilities to stay efficient in several project roles, from managing customer engagements and architecting solutions to leading development teams and hands-on coding using the latest Microsoft technologies. I am a proponent of knowing and following the best practices, being familiar with several of them such as RUP, XP, MSF, MOF and CMMI.

If you are looking for an all-around project delivery excellence, technology passion and customer commitment and would like to hire me, please send me an email at ivan@neganov.com.

Books that I Recommend

"Essential Windows Workflow Foundation" by Dharma Shukla, Bob Schmidt - a great to the point discussion of the WWF concepts and practical approaches to addressing everyday programming needs such as error handling for example.
"Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed" by Adam Nathan - an easy to follow yet sufficiently in-depth introduction to WPF. Great explanation of styles and templates among other things.
"Software Estimation" by Steve McConnell - A must have on your shelf. It will open your eyes! Full with practical advice and adapted summary of industry's best practices this book is extremely useful in daily work of a senior technical specialist or project manager.
"Framework Design Guidelines" by Krzysztof Cwalina, Brad Abrams - A great best practices reference if you are developing a reusable library. It is an excellent complement to Code Complete and Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries.